Whilst many high school students who are studying art will be used to drawing pictures and creating sculptures as part of their course, there will often come a time when they will need to do some homework for the subject. As a result, many students will often struggle when it comes to thinking of good ideas.

Of course, the homework may involve creating a piece of artwork; however, if it requires writing a piece of work, such as an essay, then you may be wondering what you can write about. The following is a list of various ideas that you may wish to consider, including a range of different titles, as well as more generic ideas that you may wish to adapt to suit your own style.

For example, the first assignment help suggestion on the list below is to outline and discuss how coil pots are made. Whilst you may like this suggestion, you may wish to adapt it to swap coil pots with a different form of pottery, particularly if there is an area of art that you are especially interested or skilled at.

  1. Outline and discuss how coil pots are made
  2. An in depth study about the history of Cubism
  3. Compare and contrast Art Deco and Art Nouveau
  4. Picasso was the most important artist of the 20th century: discuss
  5. An in depth study into the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci
  6. How to choose the appropriate type of pencil to create effective shading when drawing?
  7. What are some good themes to use when creating a series of different connected artworks?
  8. How to create supporting evidence to accompany any artwork that you produce?
  9. Which artist has had the most influence on you?
  10. Can cartoons be considered as a form of art?
  11. Discuss the role of art in Nazi Germany during the Second World War
  12. Analyse and discuss the role of the Dutch artists, and what influence they had of other artists from different countries, as well as artists from later time periods
  13. Analyse and discuss the development of modern art
  14. Should art galleries be free for all members of the public?
  15. Can it ever be justified for individuals to pay the amount of money they do when purchasing pieces of art for record-breaking sums of money?

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